Abused by a Corrupt Judge in Orange County how Sandy N. Leal aided and abetted a rapist and violated multiple laws to try to silence a survivor.

Abhaya Keri-Anne
2 min readJan 10, 2021

When you rape a woman in Orange County did you know you can have your Mommy pay her off in real estate deals? If she is friends with Lt John McCulloch of Rancho Santa Margarita David Gomez, Francis Tangonen, John Gotts will lie and commit fraud and totally get away with it. Sandy N Leal is currently losing her mind trying to silence me. This woman is unqualified and unstable. Why is Orange County court Judge Kirk H. Nakamura dismissing all complaints about his corrupt Judges with no investigations? The FBI claims to be investigating this…. FOr almost 2 years. No other victims of Sandy N leals crimes have even been contacted. Take your contempt of court and shove it up your ass you crazy old bitch, You had evidence of felony perjury to cover up a sexual assault that you verified to try and get me for fraud OCSD records (which I had to fight tooth and nail for) emailed it to me I was telling the truth, always do, and you did not submit it to OCDA for prosecution, this crazy corrupt bitch Sandy N Leal was upset it was valid and she has nothing on me. If you are a victim of Sandy N Leal’s corruption contact her court supervisor RECORD all calls and keep all records. Sandy N Leal cannot become a federal judge, she is a criminal. She violated Federal Rule 804, she refused to recuse herself, she alters transcripts with her court stenographer Lisa Groom. She is a bigot who persecutes you for your religion, she refused subpeonas that were legally valid and I am not her only victim.

image from Lake County News


Central Justice Center (CJC)

(657) 622–5215 Kirk Nakumara is the courts supervisor

FBI Agent Michael Ramsey 310 996 3437 mrramsey@fbi.gov

DOJ Tonya Talley Tonya.Talley2@usdoj.gov

Gandhi once observed that every movement goes through four stages: First they ignore you; then they abuse you; then they crack down on you and then you win.



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